If you are a Boy, 10 – 15 years of age, you are eligible to have the GREATEST Summer at Camp Wedgetail.


What are the activities?

Camp Wedgetail offers many varied activities – including Jetskiing, Mountian Biking, Rockclimbing, Waterskiing, Wide Games, Giant Waterslide, Go Karting, 4WDriving, Raft Building, Swimming and much, much more.  Our activities vary from Camp to Camp – with NEW activities every Camp. Campers are always encouraged to participate but never forced.


what are the leaders like?

ALL of Camp Wedgetail’s Leaders are qualified. AND, they have ALL been Campers before – just like you. They know exactly how it feels to be a Camper AND they are there, to make sure you have the BEST Summer Camp experience ever!


how many campers in  a cabin?

Usually between 4 – 8 Campers. We endeavour to make sure you are with your friends and other Campers, with similar interests and of similar ages.


what is the food like?

Our expert Caterers provide an AMAZING Menu. Camp Wedgetail meals are perfect for EVERY Camper, especially after an Incredible activity session. You will NEVER go Hungry!


What do i have to do at CaMP Wedgetail?

  • TRY as many activites as possible
  • Treat everyone with respect
  • Dishes Duties
  • Bring a Friend and Make New ones
  • Assist other Campers and Leaders
  • Above All – HAVE FUN!!!

Need further info?

Drop us a line!
Incredible value for money. The lake provides hours of fun for the whole family. Anne

Ballarat, Victoria